Santé La Cuisine Verte Wellness (formerly CanOmega Industries Inc.), a member of the Canadian Health Food Association, produces in Canada and sells globally premium nutraceutical human health supplements that support improved heart and brain health.

Our entire La Cuisine Verte Omega-3 product line adheres to strict production standards, as evidenced by our Health Canada certification and extensive
Natural Health Products Database natural product registrations (NPNs).  Additionally, we have been approved under a Health Canada Export License to sell our DPA Pure brand Omega-3 product in China for over 10 years.
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At La Cusine Verte, we use only the highest quality natural ingredients in the production of our unique line of animal and vegetable based Omega-3 health supplements.
Our exclusive DHA Pure supplement offers the highest bioavailability levels of any fish oil omega3 product on the market, while our flax oil omega health supplements are 100% vegan. The oil used in our DPA Pure supplement is refined from mature harp seals only, culled annually from Canadian Atlantic waters in strict accordance with federally regulated quotas. These quotas are established annually by Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans based on closely monitored, sustainable seal populations.
Take a look at our range of Santé La Cuisine Verte Wellness products.
We're sure you'll find one that fits your personal omega health needs.

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